Floor Removal & Surface Prep

Floor Finish Removal

TTM Finishes has been in the flooring removal and floor preparation business for many years and we have earned a great reputation among contractors and small businesses alike for our quick, efficient, and outstanding service.

We can remove

Floor Grinding and Tile Removal

In the floor preparation process or (floor prep), old floor finishes are removed and the underlying base prepared for new finishes. The removal of coatings which were thought to be 'impossible' is our specialty.

Tile Removal

With our state-of-the-art equipment, and our experience and knowledge, we can remove almost any surface and then custom prep the surface for any use.
Our method of removing flooring adhesives allows for very minimal damage and our floor preparation for new flooring is exceptional.

We can apply finishes ranging from a smooth 'nothing at all' polish, a thin-mil paint coating and up to a high build epoxy.

We get dirty so you don't have to.

For further infomation or to speak to one of our flooring experts please email us at info@ttmfinishes.com or call us at 416-768-7800